What Happens at Glenwood?

Glenwood is a residence in Vancouver run and funded by the Westbrook Education Fund. Here high school and university students are taught how to acquire and foster beneficial personal qualities and professional attributes such as generosity of spirit and a strong sense of personal and social responsibility, and thereby become men who understand that professionalism and excellence are best directed to serving our loved ones and society rather than merely as a means of obtaining wealth or prestige.

School Year Activities

High school and university are key periods leading to young adulthood, acquiring sound habits and important skills, and start making responsible decisions. To that end, Glenwood offers a great environment and programs with presentations on various topics, personal mentoring, spiritual growth and more that complement the formal studies of these young men. To learn more visit www.glenweb.ca.

Summer Activities

Summer Activities for Young MenWestbrook also supports summer activities for high school boys in the area of Vancouver. These activities are designed to help the boys develop character, leadership, spirit of service and good study habits.

For more information about the summer activities in Vancouver and similar camps in other cities of Canada, please visit:

Summer Progtams – Youth Leadership Institute